Aged Care

Expert town town planners have been engaged to locate better sites for an aged care facility that are closer to essential services (medical services, shops, etc.) within the Shire of Kalamunda.

It appears that all of the compelling arguments for addressing aged care in the Shire of Kalamunda belong to the alternative sites. Subsequently, there is no valid case left for developer Ross Leighton (Gavour Road scheme).

Leighton’s Proposal Up to15 Suitable Alternative Sites
  • Access to Reticulated Sewage
× FAIL Pass
  • Guaranteed Nursing Facility
x FAIL Pass
  • Access to Health and Medical Services
x FAIL Pass
  • Access to Retail
x FAIL Pass
  • Access to Community
x FAIL Pass
  • Access to Friends and Relatives without requiring car
x FAIL Pass
  • Access to public transport without crossing 4 lanes of 80kmh traffic
x FAIL Pass
  • Access to anywhere off site via mobility vehicles
x FAIL Pass
  • Already in or adjacent to Urban properties and zoning
x FAIL Pass
  • Provide steady income to Shire Ratepayers whilst not affecting long term ownership of land.
x FAIL Pass

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  1. surely the above speaks for itself ! ( see below )

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