What can I do?

It’s crunch time.

The Shire of Kalamunda recently approved and passed their Draft Local Planning Strategy that sets out to urbanise Wattle Grove East. This was despite an overwhelming majority of Wattle Grove residents (85%) expressing they wanted the area to remain rural.

No matter where you live in Western Australia, it is important that areas are sustainably developed. It is also important that best practices for planning development are followed. For these reason, we encourage you to write to the Western Australian Planning Commission and Planning Minister John Day opposing the urbanisation of Wattle Grove.

Writing your letter/submission

You have 2 options in relation to writing your submission opposing the urbanisation of rural Wattle Grove.

Option 1 (Takes approximately 10-20 minutes): Write your own personalised letter to the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) and Planning Minister John Day. Feel free to refer to the dot points in the letter wizard – http://wattlegrove.zeta.com.au/ (Note: Handwritten letters appear to have most impact).

Option 2 (Takes approximately 1 minute): If you are short on time, use the letter wizard provided. Simply tick the boxes of the points that resonate with you the most, add your own personal comment and details and click on “Generate Letter” (a PDF file of your letter to both John Day and WAPC will open up). Print, sign and send. Too easy!


Schemes and Amendments

Western Australian Planning Commission

Locked Bag 2506, Perth WA 6000


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