Letter Wizard

The letter wizard was created to help make writing letters to decisions makers easier. It takes approximately 1 – 2 minute to fill in your details and tick the relevant boxes. At the end a PDF file will be created containing two letters – 1 for John Day and another for the WAPC.

Here is a basic sketch of what you need to do –

Note from the artist: This picture took longer to draw then what you need to do.

Please print these letters out and post them to the following addresses (the address will be displayed at the top of each letter):


Schemes and Amendments

Western Australian Planning Commission

Locked Bag 2506, Perth WA 6000


Planning Minister John Day

13th Floor

Dumas House

2 Havelock Street

West Perth WA 6005


Please take a minute to complete the letter wizard by clicking here. Thanks!


One Response

  1. I am alarmed at how a developer can go into a rural neighbourhood and blatantly disregard the local amenities and try to force a high denisty development on them. And I am doubly alarmed when local and State Governments allow this to happen. There are social and environmental concerns that have been ignored, and that is a dangerous precedent.

    Rusty Geller, Chairman, Save Perth Hills

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