Objections to the rezoning and development

There are many reasons why people are opposed to the rezoning of Lot 500 (32) Gavour and Welshpool Roads in Wattle Grove from Special Rural to Special Use (Residential Aged Care) zone.

Below some reasons are stated. For a more comprehensive (but certainly not conclusive) list please click here to download.

Why we are against the rezoning and dense urban development of 32 Gavour and Welshpool Roads, Wattle Grove

  • The proposed rezoning and resultant land use (particularly as detailed in the concept document viewed at the Shire offices) will destroy the amenity and aesthetics of the area.
  • Wattle Grove is now home to endangered white tailed and red tailed black cockatoos due to loss of and destruction of natural habitat in the Perth Metropolitan area. In addition, many other bird species, bandicoots and reptiles live in this area.
  • Everybody needs the guarantee of sunshine, fresh air and close proximity to the beauty of nature. Wattle Grove is filled with such beauty and it is important that its rural characteristics are preserved for not only local residents but also for all the residents of the Perth Metropolitan area.
  • The proposal intends to fit an equivalent number of properties as currently exist in the surrounding 700 hectares into about 10 hectares. The proposed development is a significant increase in density over the current development density (click here to see image).
  • The Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) does not support the rezoning. In June 2007, WAPC wrote to the Shire of Kalamunda expressly recommending that they do not press ahead with this proposal. The Kalamunda Shire ignored this recommendation. In addition, on the 9th of October 2009, WAPC recommended that the Minister for Planning not allow the Shire of Kalamunda to advertise this amendment and that it did not support the rezoning.
  • The rezoning and resulting development would isolate the residents in a remote location, 6 or 7 km from shops, health and medical amenity, hemmed in by fast moving traffic.

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