A Sign of Fair Process?

We have 22 days left for the community to send in their submissions opposing the rezoning of 32 Gavour Road…the only problem is many local residents have not been alerted to this fact.

The image below is of a sign that was put up by the Shire of Kalamunda outside the Proponent’s property to alert local residents to the advertising period and request for submissions. Someone has spray painted over it.


Weeks ago the Shire was alerted to this fact but still no action has been taken to replace the sign.


One Response

  1. In all fairness, I didn’t think the Shire has the resources to respond to graffiti incidents much faster than a few weeks….?

    I’m surprised your group hasn’t created a sign to place over this one, to at least alert people to the deadline. Perhaps it’s worth a go?

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